MBA / MCA Module
  • Soft Skill
  • Quantitative
MBA / MCA Module [Overview]

Expectation Gathering & Setting, Time Management, Goal Setting, Interpersonal Skills, Dip Check & Continunity Plan

Averages, Ratio & Propotion, AP & GP, Assesment & Continunity Plan

Technological - Branch Specific

Time & Work
Time, Speed & Distance
Ratio & Propotion
Direction Sense
Seating Arrangements
Partnership, True & Sucessive Discount

Expectations Gathering Setting, PIR, Resumes, GD, Mocks , Time & Work, Speed & Distance, Data Interpretation & Assesments

Company Specific Training [CST] - Technical & Technological

4. Microsoft

Course Duration :

content update will be soon...

5. OpenStack – Cloud model

Course Duration :24 Hours

-Introduction to Cloud computing
-Openstack Overview
-Installing Openstack and various components
-Controller & Network Nodes

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